Should I contact him back?

Its going to be one week plus I blocked my ex boyfriend in facebook, whatsapp and phone contacts. And this one week I struggled a lot to stop myself from unblocking him. Im having my finals exam in two days but I didn't study at all. I cannot concentrate as well. I scared my break up will affect my studies. I will feel better if I talk to him, but will he talk to me? Should I text him? If yes, how should I text so that he will accompany me till exams finish? Help me guys :'(


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What Guys Said 1

  • I wouldn't recommend it.
    It might just create more issues for yourself.

    This obviously depends on how bad the breakup was and if you could still be friends.

    • We broke up because he cheated me. He had another girl.
      But how to overcome this? My studies important as well.. :(

    • Firstly constantly thinking about it and wasting your precious study time isn't good.

      If you need someone to talk to, go call a girlfriend or something. The best way to overcome loss is to disregard its existence.

    • Hmmmm, alright.. Will do it that way.. Thanks :)

What Girls Said 1

  • Yeah I agree. Don't get yourself involved with him... Seriously girl don't. I recently broke up with my ex. He dumped me and then after 3 weeks, he started a new relationship with his friend. So i understand where you're coming from.. It hurts I know, but it's going to hurt even more to know that you're wasting your time thinking about him and letting this affect your studies, meanwhile he's off with another girl somewhere having fun. Don't talk to him.. I made the stupid decision to talk to him and I regret it because it makes me weak when I talk to him and all i want to do is to just keep talking to him, even though I know I'm not in the right position to do that...

    • I was in contact with him and he was not with anyone else, its three months already we both broke up.. And he was sure dont wanna start new relationship with different girl.. That's why i thought of texting him.. :/ But you are true, once talk to him, it makes me weak and make me keep talking to him :/ But for now, its more than one week i controlled myself from contacting him.. :(

    • Not kidding here.. I become so weak when he talks to me.. I love him and its so hard.. Girl you need more than a week of no contact. I didn't talked to him for two weeks and that didn't help. I felt like exploding. I don't know what to do either.. Just be strong.. i'm trying too

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