What would you do if your spouse of 10 years suddenly left you without a trace?

Let's assume this scenario is your reality.

Before you were married you'd known each other as acquiantances but as time went by you developed feelings for each other and ended up together in a relationship. After 1 year you decide to marry.

Your relationship was very good actually, you were on the same page, you had your fights, your ups and downs but you were always able to reconcile.

But after 9 years of being together you notice you are losing your mutual connection slowly, but the both of you deny the loss of this connection and keep living together for this 1 year.

Then one morning, she / he is gone with all her things and there is no way of contacting her / him.

this is the only situation where I could imagine myself committing suicide - what sense does my life make without her if I have spent so much of my life with her?


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  • No one is worth taking your life for and you shouldn't allow yourself to be so dependant on another that they are the centre of your life.

    First thing I'd do is make sure they're actually gone of their own accord not due to some criminal means.. maybe report them missing to family friends neighbours law enforcement etc. Then I'd take each day as it comes and if there's no chance of them coming back I'd start making plans and changes to my life to reflect that. I'd also seek out therapy support groups etc to help me deal with the loss and shock especially if I've no answers or communication with my ex partner. Even legal financial help. Then keep busy socialise meet other guys in time and live my life as best as I can without the other person.

    You'd have to realise that unless the partner was suffering some health or personal problems that they wouldn't just pack up and disappear like that. They wouldn't put someone they loved through all that pain and worry if they love and care for you and if they do then unless they have some good excuse they aren't worth making yourself I'll over or killing yourself for. You have to make the most of life regardless.

    • but therapy has it's boundaries, which I as a psychology student know...

      She just disappeared because she wanted to make it easy on herself

  • You have to just face the facts, you knew that last year things went downhill. It was something that was a bit inevitable. Best thing to do is to pick up the broken pieces of your heart and move on. Call up friends and family, get their love and support during this sad time. There's no reason for you to end your life.

    • Certain? After 10 years of mutually strong love and affection?

      Maybe you didn't get it right, but during the last year you still had feelings for each other but your needs parted company. Maybe it's hard to imagine such a relationship for you :/ It's not like you can turn off your feelings after a decade of being together

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    • For whatever reason. Maybe one of you had to move to the other end of the world to support themselves

    • If one moved because of a job wouldn't it make sense for the other to move as well? After all you are a married couple sharing your lives together. Wouldn't it make sense to move as a family?

      But regardless if things were keeping you apart and resulted in that feeling of disconnection I feel something could have been worked out to be able to have time with one another but if the strain was too great that could have resulted in the outcome of your question.

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