Its different now... I've seen you naked?

I use to be pretty good friends with my ex boyfriend before we started dating, If only it was easy to get back to that without the additional drama! why does it have to be so complicated!

Have you ever got back to good friends with an ex?
Why is it so complicated?
Why does the way you act with your ex change so drastically?
Why is this drastic change 'the norm'?


Most Helpful Guy

  • "Have you ever got back to good friends with an ex?"


    "Why is it so complicated?"

    It's not. I just don't want anything to do with them.

    "Why does the way you act with your ex change so drastically?"

    It doesn't?

    "Why is this drastic change 'the norm'?"


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    • Yis indeed

    • Can I rip yours first? :P

Most Helpful Girl

  • Nope I've never got back to good friends with an ex before. I wish I could because I can't handle the stress of being around him or even seeing him around college and not knowing what to do or say. It gives me panic attacks sometimes it's so bad. I literally can't answer your other 3 questions because I'm looking for the answers to them myself lol.


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  • I am friends with some of them. Others moved away and I haven't seen in years but I'm lucky I never really got into a serious relationship with any really crazy women. So staying friendly is not that hard when you're both adjusted people but for one reason or another weren't compatible romantically.

  • Let me tell you on a completely unrelated note,
    I don't know which one's you in the pic, but both of you are so damn hot.

  • I'm not good friends with my ex and I really don't know why. It felt like she didn't want to talk to me at all, even though literally a day before the break up, she spoke to me like normal and everything was fine. Thing is, women won't TALK TO YOU about their emotions. Trusting partners in a relationship should talk to each other and should make it so they're both on the same page instead of leaving the other person in the dark.

    I think it's complicated because we don't understand each other

    The way I act with my ex hasn't changed that much because I still like talking to her, even though she's sort of giving the hint she's moving on and she doesn't need me, it fucking sucks.


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  • I don't have an issue with people seeing me naked and at house parties I swim and sit in the hot tub naked and I only date guys I've already known for a while, so they probably would have already seen me naked before we dated :)


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