Guys, What does it mean if a guy is rubbing your body all night while watching TV?

Guys help!!!


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  • It could mean two things. The first is that he just thinks of you as a friend or he likes you but doesn't want to make it too obvious especially if you aren't into him. Ask him to spend some time out on a date and see if he reciprocates. If so, he likes you. If not, he probably wants to just be friends.

    • What do you mean by reciprocate because we already do stuff together

    • Then it would mean he's afraid to completely open himself up, so you need to make it possible so he won't be afraid to tell you how he really feels.

    • How do I do that?

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  • He is multitasking!

    • I know but what does this mean besides that

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    • Okay I'm sorry what if he talks to me about his financial stuff

    • I just figured he still loved me because he is my ex and is very passionate towards me

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