Girls help - how to get ex girlfriend back?

this goes out to the girls out there...we've(my ex and i) talked now and then, went NC for a week and I sent her a video of me signing I miss my best friend, how are you, how is school - she taught me some sign but didn't know I knew that(her brother is deaf)...she replied within a few minutes, saying school is tough a lot of work and she is fine, few other things came up - eventually she said I'm not gonna lie I miss you too but I don't think we can work - I told her we don't know what fate has for us and we should let our hearts lead us to where they want to be - she agreed completely. anyways its been a few days, I'm wonder when I should contact her? how do I get her to meet up with me, last time we met up we had a blast and she said 'this just feels so right to me being with you' but she still needed time to think because I hurt her and lost her trust...what are the next steps I should take after breaking the NC


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  • how did you hurt her

    • We argued a lot, over te stupiest stuff..always heat of the moment arguements... I told her I was unsure about us because of our issues and she needed to sop living jn the past an think I'm flirting or trying to get with other girls(in college we were close by didn't date) we took a week apart, still talked, I decided I wanted to put forth te effort to make this work and she's been really shy about opening up since and holdin back uz she's scare to get hurt so she ended it

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