Who has the advantage in a breakup and who takes longer to get over it?

The title says it all and I am talking in general who takes longer to get over it the girl or boy? I've heard its easier for girls because its just one emotional period and done where as guys they feel it little by little.. is this true? Thanks


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  • It comes down to who invested the most emotional effort into it. Guys typically fall in love faster than women so if the dating period was shorter, the guys would take longer to get over it, but if it was a longer relationship, the girls would take longer. But this is all circumstantial based on the couple and individual. As for who has the advantage in this would be the person who isn't happy. I remember getting broken up with and she was not a good person but it still hurt in the beginning mostly because no one likes to get dumped, but knowing it was a bad relationship helped me get over her and when she came back much easier to keep her away. Relationships aren't about power, they're about love. And the person who cares the least has an advantage, but won't ever have happiness because power isn't happiness.

  • Depends really

    But from what I'be read.. Girls get over it quicker

    Guys take a long time to bounce back

    Seen this with a few friends too


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