I finally did it...I LEFT HIM!..... but now what?

If anyone if familiar with my other posts...you will be proud of me! I finally got the balls to break up with my sons father for good! But what do I do now? lol I work full time, go to school full time and take care of my son, I have very little free time or days off and not many friends where I moved to. This is y I think I would go back to him so much because I was lonely and didn't really have much of a social life... pathetic sounding I know... so any suggestions as to how to stay strong and fall back into another round with him and how to help myself move on as quick as possible (tho I know it takes time and I can't rush it) but any suggestions would be helpful so that I don't feel I want to use my free time on him anymore.


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  • What free time? I've done what you're doing and the only free time I had that wasn't taken by my kids was spent in exhaustion! Keep your mind on your own life. You have a house to support now, a career to build and functional children to raise...There is your strength...I'm not familiar with your other posts so I don't know if your ex is a-hole or what but you've left him for reasons that are important to you...There's another strength...If you have a free evening, join a bowling league or something like that...Go meet people that make you laugh and feel good about yourself...Unfortunately the ones who say they love us the most are the ones that try and make us feel the least...Which is why they are ex's :-)...You already have all the strength and courage you need right in front of you. Believe in yourself. If you feel you want to go back to him...think of the reasons you left him...remember the hurt and realize...going backwards never results in progress...Best of luck!

    • Thanx for the inspiration. Ya I know I have a little bit of a rocky road ahead of me but id rather deal with it now and enjoy the rest of my life, I don't want to waste anymore of it. I'm 22 and too young for this bullsh*t....i finally have the rest of my life on track (finances, work, motherhood) this is the last piece of the puzzle that needed to be dealt with...and probably the hardest .... but what brought some closure is that he basically revealed I was just a booty call (hurt but helped )

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