Very complicated "taking a BREAK"

In relationship a little over 2 years. Things were great we never argued, we fed off each other I mean really it was like we were in jr high again, I honestly can say it couldn't have been better. If we couldn't hang out we would text every night, and for surely call and talk everyday. We both about 4 months prior to us starting to date got out of similar bad relationships where we were there merely for convenience, both my and his past relationships weren't good.

We started slow because of this, he was stupid and got a house with his ex, after 3mo's of living there he broke up with her, I know she isn't a concern, and I know there isn't anything there at all. I know he is over the partying/random hookup phase as well, for the most part he is pretty mature, kind of a philosophical type, the conversations we had were wonderful as well. Well this past friday he called me we talked he was at his dads blah blah he told he would call sat morning, I said great. He didn't. Then by sunday evening I was confused so called him, he said he thinks we need a "break", he wet on to tell me how great I was, how hard this was for him, how he doesn't think it is going anywhere, how much he cares.

That night after not hearing for him for 2 days and him pretty much breaking up with me he texts me again goodnight. I am trying to respect him and give him space, bcuz I think what we have is good, and I don't wanna push things, in case we get back together and it happens again, so I am being careful. We go to lunch the next day to talk he sits right next to me, says he cares, I'm a catch, said a few times how hard it is for him and that he wasn't trying to be wishy washy but this probably isn't permanent, then tells me that quote "if you love something let it go if it comes back it was always yours" and said that's true. I'M NOT SURE IF HE WAS REFERRING TO ME OR HIM. Anyways after the akward lunch, I give him his bday present bcuz well it was his bday (today actually) he calls me to tell me how sweet it was and how much he likes it, then texts me goodnight again last night. Today he calls asking me if I could do him a favor makes small talk and won't shutup, I told him sure and I will let him know when it's done.

He calls me back 5 min later to tell me he got a new job and he was excited so wanted to tell someone, I said ok good he is like ok I will call you later I'm like ok bye. I just don't get it, is he stringing me along, does he care, I don't know anymore, did he realize he made a mistake. I am utterly confused and quite frankly him needing space then calling/texting isn't helping him or me. I know he is stressed about work (not having a job) and living trapped in the house) so maybe he called to tell me about job, to show he finally did something, to make me proud. Ughhh HELP! I mean last week he was talking about me moving in, and our next vacation?! He even signed me up for a real estate website.
Very complicated "taking a BREAK"
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