Can't get over him.. Help please?

Okay first love boyfriend for 4 years broke up 6years ago.. I can't get over him. Is family forced us apart by threatening him to go to Jail for unruly and homeless. Anyway! I miss him so much, I think I see him everywhere. I can't do anything without thinking of him. Sometimes I even cry, I know it's ridiculous.. But everything I do reminds me of him: music, a word, events, places.. I've even forced myself into relationships I didn't want.. Please someone help..


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  • DAMN, I feel bad for the man who you lied to. Go after him.

    • Lied?

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    • Can you further explain why you broke up with your boyfriend?

    • The one I can't get over we didn't. We had to say goodbye because I wasn't religious and made of money his family didn't think I was good enough. We fought 4 years to stay together but then they said leave her or be homeless or go to jail. He wanted to be in the military I couldn't stand in the way of his dreams.. We even had plans to get married

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