Ex been trying to be friends again, why?

we dated 4 years ago for a few months then got in a fight (his side) and didn't talk since. But he always dropped friendly hints, he just never actually spoke to me.
He added me back on social network last year, but kept avoiding me. I ran into him few weeks ago and surprisingly he was very nice (gave me a hug, made jokes, complimented me). Last week he talked to me for the first time (on social network). it wasn't a loong conversation (just a start), at the end i said goodnight but he brought up how we used to always talk and how those were good days, then said goodnight aswell.

PS: He's very shy, reserved and thin skinned.

Does he just want to be friends or maybe more in the future if possible?

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  • It could be both. Do you want to get back with him?
    Don't get your hopes up but don't lose them either. Keep talking with him and see how it goes, I think that there is nothing to lose. If he wants to be just friends then you'll have someone you can trust and a nice friendship, if he wants something else you can get back


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