Have you ever feared you wouldn't find someone that made you as happy as a past love?

I have a friend who is absolutely incredible. We've been friends for years and not only has he made me a better person, but he's just a joy to be around, helps me grow, learn and makes my life so much more fun.
--However, he is taken, and I cannot be with him.
Obviously, I have to move on. I am trying to date other men but I can't seem to find someone that makes me just as happy as he does. I'm aware that I shouldn't compare or expect the same kind of love--that I know.
But I am afraid that he is the best I've ever seen. I don't think there will be any better than him. I am so heart broken and scared of being lonely and longing for him always.

Have you ever felt this way? Did it get better?
Did you find someone who made you just as happy? I just want to know if there is hope.
Thank you so much


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  • Sometimes things can feel bleak, but then I remember.
    I am an amazing person, and one day I will become the husband of her dreams.

  • It's because that actually happens.


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