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So we were dating for 6 years and the last 2 we were in a long distance realationship and both of us made the effort. We spoke everyday, skyped, and everything in the relationship seem to be working out fine. 2 months before his graduation, I felt like he was being a little distant, so I asked " is everything ok? Are we ok? He said everything was fine, just stressed with school etc.. A week later I was hanging out with my friends. And the morning started as it normal did with him texting me good morning I love you, and me responding the same. At about noon I texted him I was going to call my grandmother, he texted I love you Skype me when your done. So I did and he said " well... ( started crying) I was thinking about what we talked about last week and I realized I'm not happy, and ( crying) and I don't know what's wrong with me, because your so great and blah blah blah. Shocked because he literally told me he loved me that am, I hung up. He texted me " sorry I had to do this over Skype, thank you for the last 6 years and I hope this isn't the last time we talk" I responded immaturely because I was hurt and shocked I said go to hell and don't ever text me again. It's been 2 months without any contact. I guess I'm having a hard time because I never got closure. I suspect another woman, I don't want someone like that in my life. I just want a guy's opinion. I wasn't jealous, he hung out with his friends and lived his life. I never nagged him. I complimented him never took him for granted. How can a man love you one min and poof hate you the next? Thank you


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  • Not sure he loved you one minute and then HATED you the next. I think he was hiding his true feelings behind some of those i love yous so he could get you on Skype so he could say what he said. It's not easy being in a long distance relationship for 2 years after being together for 4 years it's hard. You start to miss some of those things about being right next to each other and have to find some way to fill the void.

    It's suck but it's the truth. Sorry this happened to you.

    • Thank you. Yea I def regret being immature at the end but he literally told me I love you at 9am and by noon ended it. So I regret my attitude but I loved him and he said we were fine. Anyhow I appreciate the opinions.

    • I would never say that you should feel bad about your attitude. Losing someone is not easy and it's no ones place to tell you that you can't feel something. Someone's pain is their pain and no one should discount that for you.

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  • He probably met someone else. LDR is difficult and he probably knew that he was going to start seeing another girl. He sounds like a pretty great guy to me considering that he actually broke up with you rather than cheating on you, considering just how easy it would be for him in a LDR.

    • Great guy? A week before he broke my heart I asked him if everything was fine he said yes. He could have told me then. The day he dumped me at 9am he told me he loved me and to have a great day. When I returned home at noon he said Skype me " I love you," when I did he said it was over. We were together for 6 years. Why say that to someone then do it that? That's not great that's cruel.

  • I think you're being selfish about that. You can't force someone to love you romantically if they don't feel it anymore. It doesn't mean he hates you, he probably still loves you, but could be that he needs time to figure out things for himself. If you want closure than so it without ego and apologize for being immature and gain his trust again if you want to find out what's going on with him.
    But do not expect things to go back to normal. You say you didn't nag him or sound like you were the perfect girlfriend from your perspective yet you behaved with hatred last.

    Of course it is difficult not just for you but also for him after 6 years. Sometimes we outgrow each other.


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