For all the girls who have gone back to an ex boyfriend? Hook me up with advice?

Me and my ex went out for 2 years. Both madly in love. I went to college 45 min away and we started to drift apart. Didn’t talk as much and didn’t see her everyday like we used to. We broke up in October because she said she felt like I took her for granted and then brought up a bunch of stupid little fights that we I thought we had moved on from, we made up and everything. We had been fighting a little a week before because of the same reason. We rarely fought and most of the time everything was perfect. 2 weeks after we broke up she started dating a guy she met through a friend. I did everything to try and get her back, wrote love letters, tried to talk to her, just pretty much acted needy and dumb. I eventfully just tried to move on and almost did. It’s been 4 months and out of know where she texted my brother asking for my number and she lied about the reason to him. When I talked to her and asked why she again gave me a BS reason I think. Her and her new boyfriend broke up after about 2 months.

So here is the question how do I get her to talk to me. I texted her asking if we could talk in person, she said she was too busy for a relationship because of work and school. I want to start talking to her again and build up again from there but she just ignores me. We haven’t had a real convocation about life or anything since October because I always try and bring up the relationship. I can say I’ve moved on from the break up, so I could talk regular now. I don’t want to be friends that just talk sometimes I want the talks to lead to a relationship with her. Good advice would be great. thanks


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  • You're f***ed brah. She's never coming back. My advice, f*** every girl in sight. If she really loved you, she'll forgive you and take you back. But you have to show her that you've moved on and can be independent. It will look like you're trying to make her jealous but its more than that. Away you go brah...And f*** every girl in sight. (be safe though)


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