Guys, I fell in love with my best friend?

We've been friends for a while but the last month has been pretty.. Odd. I lost my best girl friend so I've been talking to him and hanging out with him a lot more. We went to lunch about a week and a half ago and he kissed me, then it all hit me. Really hard, I love this boy. I can't tell him because I know it's not the same. He doesn't date because he doesn't have the amount of free time he would like to put into a girlfriend and he's leaving for college in 7 months. I've had these feelings for a long time but never realized because I distracted myself by giving my attention to other guys and then it stopped. I cut off all other guys, I only talk to him, and my heart is out in my sleeve. I know he is going to be my first heart break and I'm honestly scared. I just don't know what to do. Any way you can help?


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  • I think you can only try to enjoy it as long as possible. It's difficult when things seem like they won't go in your favour, but what you could have until then may be beautiful. There isn't a way to change your feelings, so take a chance and live. Perhaps you will find that life may surprise you, and that chance alone may be enough to take the leap. Best of luck!


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