Is that my fault :( ?

I have been wondering, is it actually my faults that caused my boyfriend to break up with me?
1) He said i always nag him. Actually i told him to sleep earlier everynight because he always sleep at 1am + which caused his academic and health to worsen... But still he never change
2) He said the new girl was so much better than me... Is it my fault.. for hm not being good enough?

And also i feel awful whenever i come into contact with everything that relate to him... I mean... I really love him so much... But at the same time i dont know what to do... I always think If he comes back it's ok for me if he hurts me again but hm i guess that just means that i give him one more chance to hurt me... Sigh i just feel awful... Recently just feel like everything us my fault...


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  • You two dont seem compatible. You're 19 just like me we don't have to bother about relationships this much just yet because we have plenty of time to find someone better


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