How long did it take until you were completely out of your first heartbreak and over your ex?

Was wondering because, I'm really hurting here. I would like to know how long it took for you guys?

You percieve your ex as someone who's better than all the girls/boys you will meet so you feel so sad, and you have remorse.


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  • My first ex: 5 months.
    My second ex: 3 months.

    • How long was your relationship may I ask?

    • The first was two months.
      The second was odd because it only lasted a day but he strung me along thinking we were going to be something for another two months.

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  • Well I am not the norm I dont think but I am still not over this girl I met 3 years ago. I think had we broken up I would have gotten over her like all the other girls I used to have things with, but we didn't break up. We both really really liked each other, she was so awesome, but due to a number of problems that I am not going to go into, and which were mostly out of our control, we couldnt be together. I dont know whether or not she still likes me, but I am still holding on to the hope that she does, and I think because of the weird situation I keep hoping to be with her again, compared to a normal breakup where you dont really hope to get back together with them. But I seriously know how you feel, the last time I saw her was at the train station, it was like a typical movie seen where I was looking out the window and she was smiling and waving. I haven't cried since I was probably in elementary school, but I cried for at least an hour on that train knowing it was possible I would never see her again. I am still not over her and I am still heartbroken, and I still want to be with her, 3 years later. Hopefully you dont have the struggles I do, but then again you are talking about a breakup which is slightly different then being unwillingly separated from the greatest woman on earth.

    • That is a sad story. I'm thinking my ex is now the greatest women on earth, I just hope I forget about it because that's the only way, even though I don't want to. I need to

    • And dude, things sounded like you were both okay at a stage, but you both realised things wouldn't work... why's that?

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  • It all depends on the coping mechanisms that you have in place... Your first heartbreak is usually your hardest, because you have not developed such techniques.
    Humans are very much creatures of habit, and the way we think is also habit forming.
    Sometimes we play the same old song in our head day after day after day without even realizing that we do have a choice to play other music instead.
    What I'm saying is the amount of time that it takes you personally to move on depends on your will or ability to change the tune playing in your mind and start dancing to the beat of a different drum... In other words... First accept the situation for what it is, it's over... Then reflect inside through introspection and listen to the tune that you're playing over and over... at first it will feel good to mourn her, so just accept that you're going to mourn for a little bit

    • Then after a while you'll get tired of playing the same old record in your mind... At that point start looking for new things to fill your mind with, to nourish yourself with.
      If you do these things you will rapidly speed up your healing process... If you don't you are just picking scabs off an old wound and wondering why your not getting better.

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