Rebound relationship?

So my ex and I were together for about 3 months and I really thought the love we had for each other was real. He was my first love and first everything and I was his first real love as well and his family really cared for me too. However, our relationship was long distance and we saw each other for about a week each month. Then I visited him in North Carolina where he plays football at his school and he was kind of an ass to me. So when I returned home I thought about things and I broke up with him because he couldn't give me the love that I derserve. Well it's been about 2 months and he's already in a new relationship and she has the same physical qualities as me so I'm wondering if it's a rebound because I talked to him about it and he made it seem like she's like the love of his life. I am just kind of confused because he made it seem like he truly cared for me and loved me and now he's with someone else. For granted though she goes to his school and they don't have to do long distance.


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  • It was your first relationship, you wanted everything to be serious and special (we all do) but the reality is he's just dating for the fun of it. Girls tend to take it more seriously than boys, and want it to be more meaningful, but that's how we learn from our experiences. It isn't a "rebound" you guys only dated 3 months, long distance, so you barely saw each other. He probably felt better about him self now he's had sex, and feels more confident to pursue other girls now, it's not uncommon behaviour with boys.

    • Yeah you're right! Thank you for your reply. It just really sucks because of all the shit he said to me but I guess it's just a learning experience!

    • Hey I hear you, I've had that experience too, but that's how we become women who respect ourselves and discover what we want from a relationship :)

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