Is it bad to date someone similar to an ex (similar physically, personality, or face, basically they remind you of an ex) after a breakup?

Or is it best to move on with someone REALLY different?

I miss my ex a lot, we ended on good terms and are still friends (only broke up because he moved away). Anyway 2 weeks later, I've met someone else, they work in the same field, kinda similar in stature and body build, similar sense of humour, basically he reminds me of my ex, so I kind of already like him more than I should, I guess I'm transferring some of those leftover good feeling over to this guy. Is it a bad idea to date him (he IS really nice), or anyone similar to an ex? Is it better to go for someone completely different?
My ex was basically exactly my type, in terms of what I like physically and in personality. I don't really want to avoid that type forever, but maybe i should... What are your experiences with moving on with someone new? Similar or different?


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  • We all have certain "types" we like so it wouldn't be bad, but if you are finding someone who looks like the previous guy To be a surrogate, then that might be an issue.

  • It's bad to enter a relationship quickly when you have feelings that exist for your ex.
    It's best to get completely over that person before you enter into a relationship with anyone else.

    If you enter into a relationship with heart still with your ex. problems may arise.
    You may realize you never really liked this guy , you just liked the fact that he reminded you of someone you felt strongly about.
    By this time ,
    His feelings would be very well invested.
    Making the situation complicated.

    Give yourself time to heal.
    Don't enter into a relationship so soon.


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