He doesn't remember anything I tell him so I told him I'm done overreaction or right decision?

The guy I was seeing couldn't remember anything I told him, I told him I'm going away on this weekend loads of times. I said I can't wait until sat so I can sit and relax and his like where you going. We were having fights all day mostly because I feel like he treats me nice only when he wants his a busy person and he told me not to take it personally when he doesn't get in contact that he is trying his best. But the final straw was when he couldn't remember something I told him a million times, I said that I'm done and I won't bother him again. He read the message but didn't text back usually this happens because we have these fights every other week and I say sorry he forgives me and that's it. I can't do it anymore I'm drained from being upset all the time I feel he doesn't care and I'm wasting my time. If your boyfriend or even a friend couldn't remember things you said would you be upset?


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  • I would be upset because I would feel like he doesn't care enough to remember the things I say. Personally I would dump him.


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