Guys, do any of you suffer from heartbreak even if YOU ended the relationship?

My boyfriend of over a year broke up with me out of the blue. We weren't fighting. We had just had a wonderful weekend together. I think he's confused about what he wants, and he said he felt that he was being unfair to me. I still want to believe that he loved me. He told me everyday up until the day that he ended our relationship that he loved me. I guess I'm just trying to get some insight here. Have you ever broken up with someone that you cared about? Did you experience heartbreak too? Or were you fine because you were the one who ended it?
All opinions/ experiences are welcomed, but I'm specifically looking for answers from guys (if there are any) who experienced heart ache after breaking up with their girl, even if they knew it was the right decision to break up.


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  • I've never had a girlfriend so I guess I wouldn't know. I did have a friends with benefits and she went on to have a BF/GF relationship with another guy and cut me off. I was pissed, but I got over it eventually. I still got what I wanted from her I just couldn't continue it.


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  • The day I ended things with my ex was the happiest day I'd had in a while. Can't say the same for her, though.


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