Ex boyfriend bought me expensive, thoughtful Christmas present?

My ex & I were together for 4+ years before he decided he wasn't happy, so we broke up (a year ago). He has dated several women since but has always stayed in contact with me. I just got a message from him telling me that he bought me airline tickets to see my family for the holidays. I am confused on what this means. His explanation was he knows how much my family means to me and he wants me to be able to spend the holidays with them.


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  • No doubt he still cares. Just because he was unhappy with the relationship doesn't mean you are/were a bad person.

    • This was an almost $2,000 gift. He has text me when drunk telling me he loves and misses me and he made a huge mistake by leaving. He never stops contacthe with me even when he is dating someone. I guess this gift just makes me feel like it complicated the situation more. Thoughts?

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    • I have asked myself that question and I'm in a gray zone. He does things that make it seem like he doesn't want to let go but then dates girl after girl. He often says, "I don't know what the future holds for us".

    • Dont fall for that future crap. No one knows what the future holds. My ex held that over my head, for 6 weeks while she was talking to another guy.
      Make the decision for him and return the gift. And when he says why, tell him. Because you do what the future holds and it isn't you until you fully commit.

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  • i still keep in contact with my ex and get her birthday and Christmas gifts. she lives far away so i have to mail them to her but i loved her and in a way i still do but i have moved on. she's a good person who at one time i loved deeply and i still care for her so i gift.

  • He clearly still cares about you. Accept it, thank him and return the gesture by getting a much cheaper but very thoughtful gift for him.


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  • I would say he still cares a lot about you. That much is evident with a gift like that.


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