What are the chances that he will come back?

Me and my ex had a good relationship, even when hard times came, but we were so comfortable with each other. I love him, he loves me. He recently came back into my life 3 weeks ago, (to get back together) but then left because he found out I slept with someone he knew. Now 3 weeks has passed, and I am missing. I called his house but he was busy and I told his grandma to let him know I called. Will he return my call? we were together for 2 years on and off. Always got back together when we breakup, despite of the situation. He always comes back to me. He expresses his feelings to me and told me he'd rather be with me and no one else. He knows I love him, so do you think it's over or will he be back?
we were broken up for 5 month. Not together, so I didn't cheat on him!

I slept with someone that he do know. Not friends, just associates...
i sent him a letter which he should have gotten today


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  • You've broken up several times and you've cheated on him. I would run too.

    • We weren't together, so that isn't cheated on him.....we were broken up for 5 months

    • Ok. If you slept with some random before you hooked up with him, he shouldn't care. If that's the case then he's pretty insecure and not worth being with. If you break up with someone, it's because something is wrong with the relationship between you two - no point trying to fix it as it will always be the same.

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