We're broken up so why would tell me things?

Broke up with my boyfriend of 4 years and hadn't seen him in 10 months... only texting each other. Anyways I wen t to get my left behind belongings and we had the whole "catching up" he told me he quit his job after some changes at his work, but he has an interview with another company this weekend. Then went on to tell me he finished paying off his car and credit cards he only has his student loan left. He said he wasn't seeing anyone and he wasn't looking to get back in relationship at this time, he wants to work on himself. Why do you think he told me about his financial standings? Do u think there's a small chance he may want me back in the future?


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  • ... My boyfriend of 4 years...
    The writing on my own wall and all here, dear, that just because you Breakup you can still Makeup and that it isn't Good-bye, my love forever.
    You may be the One and Only One he still feels comfy with in confiding in with something that he Feels 'Comfy' in telling 'Things' about. He hasn't found Anyone he wants to share or care with, and with probably Missing the Kissing, he still Feels you will always be there for him if he needs a shoulder to cry on or an ear to hear as well.
    No, it doesn't actually mean you will become two birds of a feather Today, he isn't Into a Real Relationship right now. However, in time, for this is your best friend right now, nursing and nurturing something special could go either way Someday... Friends till the end or Flocking again, my friend.
    Good luck. xx

    • Thanks! So you think he still feels something for me? I mistakenly tried to get him to tell me his feelings and he got angry πŸ˜• But he did apologize the next day and said he felt really bad for being a jerk.

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    • Welcome :D

    • :)) xxoo

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  • Well, did you dump him because he didn't have his shit together back then?

    He could be hinting on the fact that he's changed for the better and possibly wouldn't mind getting back together.

    However, he could also be simply telling you about his life since you two split up. What else are exes supposed to talk about after not seeing each other for so long? Brag about their new partners? lol

    When someone I haven't seen in ages asks me how I'm doing, I'd share similar information. Paying off one's debts feels good and people often share this joyful news with friends and family.

    • Thanks for the reply😊 Yes, a major reason I broke things off was he still lives with his parents and I wanted marriage and a family with him. He just wasn't in that mindset as he wanted to be his best and just asked me to be patient. But I waited so long I just grew frustrated and resentful so that's why I ended things. I know he is still very attracted to me, I just don't know if he needs more time...

    • I can't get into his head. He may be telling you he's in a better place as a means of showing that he IS in that mindset now or he could be telling you he's in a better place and will get even better, but he's not interested in getting back together with you sort of like rubbing your nose in the fact that you weren't patient enough.

    • Hmmm... I don't think he said those things to rub my nose in it, but perhaps some sort of validation/approval?

  • I think he may have just been talking about what he's been up to and how he was doing. I don't get the feeling from what you've said that he was alluding to a future with you per se. Maybe just ask him?

    • Hmm he does keep his cards close to his chest... Guess time will tell

  • Well probably yes

    • Why you say maybe yes?

    • Usually guys dont open up and talk freely about personal things to anyone , if he had no feelings for u or got completely over u , He would not tell u that , so maybe he has some problems ( it depends on how u broke up ) and he is thinking to get back when everything gets better for him? I don't know exactly but thats it for me

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