Guys, Do you miss your ex after a break up?

Just wondering if guys do that too. Say you've had your feelings and your vanity hurt/wounded and you told her you never want to see her again in an argument.
Next day you see her laughing and joking with others at work.
do you get upset? Do you miss her? Do you hurt? Or can guys just ignore that feeling? X


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  • Of course guys hurt just as much as girls do. we are all human and if you take even a minute to look on this site alone you will notice that lol.
    i know we have the same questions about women when they are the ones inishiating the break.

    However my biggest advice to everybody experiencing a break up it let it end and move on. No body has ever had it better by getting back together. You are just settling for things the way they were rather than amazing and wonderful effortless love waiting for you. Too many of us just want the pain to stop so we get emotional amnesia and want back what we just threw away. That is sick behavior like a hoarder and an empty tuna can. lol
    doesn't make much sense to me.

    • You're absolutely right, I would just like to move on being on ok terms but looks like he's not havin it...

    • That there is our biggest mistake. When you leave the home and shut the door behind us do we go back and re-shut the door? No we don't. If we do as we are walking away again we just think to ourselves "THAT WAS A WASTE OF TIME" .
      same thing with thinking that closure exists. All that does is rehash emotions that just confuses us more.
      Listen it is on ok terms as it is , or as ok as you are going to get. Stop controlling a situation that is out of control. Let it be.
      You can be OK all on your own without anybody else's approval. Especially HIS !
      do yourself a favor and watch the movie "The Secret" it works for everything love , prosperity etc..

    • Yes but you open the door again when you return. You hardly ever leave the house not coming back...

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  • Well... I can only talk about MY exes, and I don't miss them at all. In fact, I wouldn't want to have anything to do with them.

    Both girls I dated were nasty. The first one cheated on me, and the second was a habitual liar. I'd rather be single than be with such girls.

    • But straight after the break up? No sad feelings?

    • Well... maybe for a couple of days, but more than feelings for them. it was the disappointment of having been cheated on and lied to.

    • Exactly... the lying part hurts😕 I didn't lie so he can't be upset there

  • Yes, it makes me jealous, bitter seeing her carrying on all happy & innocent like nothing happened. She cheated on me yet all her colleagues think she's amazing to have in their life while im hurting really bad. I fear she will become a better person for her next guy & won't cheat on him

  • Of course. I'm assuming you mean. Relationship longer than a couple months. But I've missed any girlfriend I've had for what ever reason we broke up. Spend that much time with someone and invest so many feelings it's hard not to once they're gone

    • About 10 months. Not that long but quite intense. So yes, I miss him being around and I hope he does too. I just can't picture a guy missing a girl somehow...

    • Haha well we are emotional too sometimes

    • Lol ah don't know. That was always his point, that I was too emotional... but hey, I see him, he isn't happy that's for sure ;)

  • If I were in my preteens yes I'd get upset if I see her laughing and talking the next day of a break up. But by the time I reached my teens, I'd almost become what I am now so no. I'm happier that she's happy and also that hopefully that she won't stalk me lol

    There's nothing to ignore. For me when I break up it's a mutual decision (hopefully and preferably) and there's no reason to feel bad if she is happy in her world :)

    Having said that, it's only normal for 'normal' people to feel bad, sulk etc when they see the other person having a good time and also that fact is that it's all about ego which we prefer ignoring and call the reaction 'normal' and connect it to he/she has feelings for me kind of stuff :)

  • After the breakup sure - but give it time and it'll pass. It's like when you loose something, you'll find that you manage perfectly fine without it.

  • Depends on lots of things, but yeah a breakup is a sudden loss of something so you will miss it.

    • I do, hoping he does too. I guess it's just hard to picture the other side... thanks x

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