How do I approach my feelings?

So, me and my best friend, him and I got into our last fight, I told him I was completely done. He told me he doesn't care anymore, and that he will never love me, never will, and never did. I'm guessing it's just an outburst he had, so I left him alone for the last 2 days, which is long because we text all day everyday. He has had a girlfriend for almost a month now, which changed me and him because we were those cuddling and stuff best friends. I dealt with the fact that I might have just been used, but I confronted him about it, and we were just really good friends more like a brother to me. Then we just kept fighting, because he didn't care about me nor tell me why he loved me, and didn't want to hang out anymore. After telling me that just because he has a girlfriend that wouldn't change me and him; he lied and I just couldn't put up with the bullshit anymore, I picked a fight and wanted to leave him, so I did but he didn't seem to care about losing me. Imma give it a month then maybe talk to him. I don't know what I should do, I miss him. Did we just have a bad night? Boys, what is your opinion about saying you don't care to lose someone you cared about, do you really not care? Is time what we need? I'm just staying away for now but I really miss him.


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  • Sounds more like you were more than friends. But nowhere has a full girlfriend. In real life she has to be the priority. TV land and Facebook memes friends are but real life it has to be your partner.

    • .. so exactly, what is your advice? I'm just trying to not miss him and I guess wondering if there's a way I can make him miss me.. I don't know

    • No not really. Just need to focus on yourself. After time passes you'll feel better

    • I hope it only gets easier, but thanks!

What Girls Said 1

  • Brothers and sisters don't cuddle. It's apparent there were more feelings for each other than mentioned , for whatever reason you both didn't take the next step.

    Things are expected to change when someone has a significant other. However , for you to be given the cold shoulder or treated poorly is a change that shouldn't have happened.
    Often times people feel like they have to drop their opposite friends / distant themselves from them.
    Why do they do this?
    To avoid conflict with their significant other.
    Chances are problems may arise in his relationship because his girlfriend may not like how close you are.

    I feel like friendships shouldn't have to end if the person entering into one is in a healthy and secure one.
    Don't be surprised if his relationship doesn't work out and then he's trying to rekindle your friendship.

    I don't allow myself to be played around with like that.
    I feel like you should keep your distance because clearly he is set on the way he feels about this.
    When things go south in his relationship, only then will he see the damage he has done to a perfectly good friendship

    He should have set boundaries with you (in respect to his girlfriend), but not treat you poorly.


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