Is she cheating?

Just broke up with girfriend after 2 years. We dated for 2 years was very loving relationship. Good for the most part. We love each a lot. But she is under stress money wise, and has just taken on 2 new jobs to make ends meet. I think she takes it out on me sometimes.

So Friday night she was out on a works do, and said she had a nice time. She did not text me. I text her late to see how she was and she was ok. She was on whatsapp for an hour or so?

I was picking her up from work the next day. It all seemed ok then. But Sunday morning she got up did a bunch of housework, and was on whatsapp again. I asked her who she was talking to , she said her girlfriend. But when I came downstairs she hid her phone?

Im gutted, I love her so much and wanna marry her one day. she was acting distant this week. So I asked her today what was wrong, she said she was not happy, then said she's not happy with herself. We talked for awhile then hugged and she started crying really emotionally, I cried a bit to. She hugged me very tight and was nice. She said I not hugged in a long time. After we cuddled on the couch and we hugged close some more. She seemed happy when were cuddling.

Then I drove her to work, she said take care of your self. Then she sends me a text saying you do reliase we won't see each other after today with a question mark? and she said I dont mind staying in touch.

I asked her was she seeing someone she said no. Should I stay in touch or text her? I think she's mad at me over something that I did not do. I really am I love with this girl, and hate the thought of not being with her.

She has unfriended me on facebook and whatssapp


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  • Does the reason for why she broke up with you matter? I think you should give her some space and maybe talk to her in a week or so. It seems like a sudden end to a 2 year relationship?


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  • okat I'll give you my honest opinion here it's not a question of is she cheating, it's when she cheated.

    Chances are she already did cheat. From my personal experience my ex cheated did the exact same thing came over said she felt weird got super emotional cried and I hugged her and we talked/cuddled it out. Broke up with me a few days later claiming it was other reasons. For some reason chicks think that that a dude can't pick up on the fact that something's off about their significant other especially if they spend a considerable amount of time together but whatever. Honestly she probably didn't want to say she did it because she had some bogus thought of considering your feelings, when all she had to do is tell you the truth. She doesn't really understand her way of going about it does more damage because if you find out out from someone not her you'll be crushed even more. You deserve real closure and clarity press her for the real reasons. Some chicks have this thing of wanted to be looked at in a good light even when they know they are complete 💩


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  • Sounds like she is over the relationship.


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