When is it too late?

When is it too late to tell someone that you like them. What the difference between early and late and what are the effects?


Most Helpful Girl

  • Telling someone too early can chase them off or open up the door to love; samething goes for telling them too late. Either way (In my opinion) just telling them how you really feel is what is important. Because then you know you said what you wanted and needed to. And that is all you can do.


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  • It depends on your situation

    too early - she might not be ready and you'll scare her off

    too late- she liked you, but you didn't tell her in time, therefore, she moved on

    timing is important.


What Guys Said 1

  • Usually telling someone you like them is a last resort for me when a girl is sending too many mixed messages, apart from that you shouldn't have to say anything to each other until you already hooked up and then you can say it whenever you want


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