Should I be mad?

So we argued again about him constantly flirting and asking girls for they numbers on Facebook. I had delete my page because he get jealous about people liking my pictures which are presentable but now I see he really don't care I made a new page. n told him if he has fb then I can too because he uses it for flirting. He got mad broke up with me saying he don't love me anymore and after a few hrs. Post maybe one day he'd find the right girl for him. Then post single n loving it. I feel a bit mad n my family is his friends on his page his friends know me from being friends with my family my gm is even on his page so I'm kinda mad and embarrassed I just didn't say nothing didn't post nothing about it. We not friends on FB so I figured oh well yet it bothers me


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  • you have a right to be mad, but SHOULD you be mad? Well, ultimately no. It's best to move on from it as soon as you can and not harbour that anger in you for too long, because it does nothing for you. Be at peace with what did world has done to you at this point in time, and take it as a life lesson


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  • Him flirting with other's and then trying to make it look like your fault is incredibly immature of him to say the least. I think it's perfectly understandable if his behaviour makes you mad, you have every right to be! But truth is his actions is making him look like an idiot. I would advice you to continue taking the high road and let his actions speak for himself, you are better off without him even though it might be hard right now. :)


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  • You have every right to be mad. He was a manipulating a**hole to you during your relationship. You deserve someone much better than that.

  • He wanted to be single all along.
    Everyone knows that when you enter into a monogamous relationship , all of the flirting with the opposite needs to stop.
    How else can you trust him and give your relationship room to grow?
    It seems as if he wanted to keep doing as he pleased and have you at his feet.
    Instead of taking responsibility for his actions , he decided to flip the script on you to make you seek wrong.
    You deserve far better than that !
    He seemed selfish and jealous (of any outside attention you seemed to have gotten ).
    Your relationship was shaky from the get go and didn't have much potential.
    You're better off alone than being in a relationship that was emotionally unhealthy.


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