Guys, Help!!! I didn't hear from him so should I text him again?

I wanted to make this guy dinner tonight before he goes home for Thanksgiving and asked him last night but he hasn't responded yet.
I know he's working and don't want to bug him or push him but I kinda wanted to do it.
I don't want to make It seem like I'm making a big deal out of It but I wanted to make him a Thanksgiving dinner.
Guys your options please!!!


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  • It's hard to say why he hasn't responded, but it's possible that he is no longer interested.

    • From last Friday night, he was interested then

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    • Okay, then I guess you should just wait and see how it goes?

    • We'll I don't know if I should ignore him or what because we're at a crossroads now we're he should make me his girlfriend but I was know if he wants to

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