Have you ever got back with an ex you swore off?

Lets say you deeply loved/cared for your girlfriend but she broke up with you, due to break down in communication, and other things. Sure there were some things you dind't like about her like she was always asking questions, and that really upset you. But you had fantastic mental/sexual chemistry, were together 4+ years, and thought she was a good, sweet person. If in the heat of the moment you said :"You need someone who likes being questioned." Would you mean that? Or were you just angry and maybe with some time you would think about trying again?


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  • For someone to say "You need someone who likes being questioned" it's been bothering them for a long time! I know because had the exact same thing.

    Nobody likes being quizzed. I was constantly and whatsmore have never been disrespectful or unfaithful to the person concerned.

    All i can say is after a time you come to expect being questioned no matter what you do. It made me fall out of love with someone i cared about very much!

    To answer you question "Absolutely Not!" Life is way too short to be with people who drain you with questions hun...

    • I understand, and honestly no one has ever said I question too much. The questions were not about "Where were u/who were you with, etc" They were to understand him more. Thing is he just doesn't like to have to answer to anyone on anything, so that was a short fuse to begin with :/

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  • I kind of hope not. I am open and ready for greater and better love.


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  • Intellectual and sexual chemistry are not enough to have ab healthy, fulfilling relationship. There are many elements to a successful relationship, but if someone breaks up with you, it doesn't do any good to presume you know the "real" reason why, or that their reason weren't genuine. Respect their choice, and take the opportunity to reflect on yourself, and whether it was a fulfilling relationship for you.

  • I never go back any of my exes


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