Why don't guys want to talk to me?

i have four really pretty best friends. two of my best friends have boyfriends and all the girls have really outgoing personalities. I'm outgoing and fun too when you get to know me. we always go out and party together all the time. for some reason whenever we go to parties guys always pay attention to my four best friends instead of talking to me. I try talking to guys at a party but then they just kind of ignore me and go back talking to my other friends. I'm kind of always sitting by myself. don't get me wrong, I'm happy my friends are having a good time flirting and hooking up but I just want to know why I'm kind of left out. I'm pretty too but I'm just not as outgoing as they are. but why am I always left alone? why do guys not want to talk to me?


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  • "Once you get to know me" Doesn't exactly make for good quick fun party time. People at parties are looking for fun people to be with then, not people who could have potential once you get close with them.


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