Tell me story about you bad break up?

tell me story about you bad break up.


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  • I was getting abused. The night before I moved out I was fearing for my life. Almost all of the abuse I went through was emotional. It was like that for almost 2 months. I just couldn't take it anymore

    • i am sorry about that but how many month it was happening with you and what is the thing that he make you abuse

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    • I used to. Now I'm very broken. Life is very near lifeless for me.

    • don't say like this I am here tho. i am here okay every thing will be alright. find someone better umm

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  • We met the night before she went to Colorado for three months. I thought it wasn't going to last but it did; we texted and snapped every day and fell in love. It was crazy how much we had in common and learned about each other. I was struggling with alcoholism at the time because I was having trouble with finding work and joining the Army but I kept it hidden from her. She came back and we started to date. It was absolute bliss; we were so happy and I loved her so much. Two weeks after she got back she had to leave again for unforeseen reasons but we promised to stay together until Thanksgiving. Things went well, she went back to school and I wasn't bothered because I knew she had obligations. She made friends which was good, but she also started partying on weekends and wouldn't text me until the next day. Sober I would think "she's just having a good time and doesn't want to talk right now". Drunk I would get paranoid and freak out. After a month of this, a week before Thanksgiving, she got fed up and dumped me and blocked me from all forms of communication. I felt miserable; I quit drinking the next day, wound up getting a job and got cleared to join the Army all within the week she dumped me so it felt like bad karma. I tried to reach out to her through text but my number was blocked. I suffered through withdrawal and vowed to never drink again. I'd do anything to have her back; I miss her so much and still love her. I'm going to send her a letter once it's been a month apologizing, telling her how great things are going and asking if we can talk. If that doesn't work I guess I go to the Army feeling empty inside.


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  • My ex I found out was cheating on me for 4 months I didn't care I loved her. She suggested a break and never talked to me again having her boy friend message me telling me bad stuff "she didn't like my health problems, how I'm very feminine" She hit me, yelled at threatened to hurt herself if she didn't get her way. The worst part is she stole my Batman Adventures #12 first appearance of Harley Quinn. It was my best friends"first person I cared about and first kiss" before she passed away from cancer 2 year before I hada few photos of me and her in the comic... Still up set about that, wish I could have at least the photos back.


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