Did I make the right decision to cut contact?

My ex wants to still be best friends 1.5 years after she broke up with me and I tried for this time but I couldn't take it anymore told her I can't because I still have feelings for her. She told me she doesn't have those same feelings. She contacted me 1 month later saying she missed me and how everyday sucks without me and even told me that she was dating someone for a few months previously when I was trying to just be her friend (I had no clue). They aren't together anymore but I still held my ground and she got angry. I care about her immensely but I feel like I am allowed to be selfish here.


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  • It isn't being selfish, you are just protecting yourself from any further hurt! 😊

    Personally, I couldn't remain friends with an ex who I still had feelings for. It would be far too painful. Especially when the person eventually meets someone else, because it would be twice as painful "seeing" someone I still loved about... love someone else.

    So considering you still have feelings for her... you made the best decision. Your emotional" state" should be priority. 😊


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  • feel free to choose your own good. (fake friend is like a shadow walking behind you when you in the sun and disappears when you in the dark).


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  • You definitely are allowed to be selfish. And from what you've said, it sounds like she's just trying to 'use' you, have some kind of pillar back in her life. Make the decision for you, not for her.


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