What should I do?

I met a guy on a dating website and we have only met up once. We hit it off, and we were talking for 3 months until we finally met. Yesterday, he complained about me not having a car and having to do an hour drive.
I am not going to have a car for a while because it'll be a while of saving up until I get a car... and he doesn't know this, but I don't know how to drive ( Just turned 18, and my parents never wanted to teach me how to and he doesn't know this). The only thing that I can do is give gas money.
I'm thinking that maybe he's thinking that we aren't going to work out.
I think that I'm already starting to fall for him. I've never felt this way before and I feel like its a little more than infatuation. My day goes HORRIBLE if I don't talk to him, or he's mad at me all day. No matter how sleepy I am, I cannot go to sleep if i am mad at him or if he's mad at me. I daydream about him all day. Ever since I met him, all I want to do is be around him. I want to give him my everything. It'll be hell getting over him.
Should I fight for this or just let this go? Do you think he's thinking of breaking this off?


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  • You know there are buses, right? You could take the bus and meet him in a town that's midway between where the two of you live.

    From the sound of it, you may be getting a bit too infatuated. Your day shouldn't be ruined just because you didn't get to talk to him. Continue to have your own life and interests. If you feel like you are nothing without him, that will come across as desperation or neediness and eventually become a burden on the other person. No one is responsible for your happiness except you. A relationship can enhance your life but it shouldn't take the place of it. Trust that if you and him weren't meant to be, you will survive and move on to new and hopefully better things.


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  • LDR, although I feel He is just a stone's throw from you here, dear, is One of the Hardest Relationships to Have and to Uphold of Any Out there. I, for One, probably know this Best from the Rest... I still have a husband out in Egypt and well, I have told this story a million times over..
    However, in Your own case, to your face, he is already finding fault with the drive and You not having wheels, which could become some Big deals down the road.
    You both need to have a long talk and You need to level with him. Already, you are finding yourself going down a Paradise Path of wearing your poor heart on your arm, and Day dreaming of him to the Point... I cannot go to sleep if I am mad at him..
    I am already seeing some problems with the things you both may have said and none of this has Yet been put to bed. If you both don't come to some sort of compromise, yes, this LDR can go real quick in the gutter Drain before you both have a chance for romance.
    Right now, it may be a Pain, for Him anyways. And in the end, your own heart could get broken.
    Good luck. xx

    • Yeah, I'm so into him, I know it sounds crazy, but I didn't want to bring this up again to him that day because I didn't want it to end that night with, "I'm sorry, hun, but this isn't going to work out for us."
      I know that's terrible, and it sounds like we lack good commucation, but that was my fear. We haven't talked about it since but, I'm going to be a big girl and bring this up to him. We are spending a day together this weekend. Should I bring it up to him then, or just get it over with and call him. The pros and con's, if I do it in person, I'd probably get more attached when we hangout, but I don't want it to end before we get to spend the day together.

    • Yes, sweetie, and with the weekend nite together, it is a good time to talk and keep those open lines of convo going and flowing. I admit in my case I should have tried harder, but if One is trying to make the attempt, sometimes it Helps to Bring things Better together... xxoo

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  • Sorry to put it bluntly but that's far even if you both drive, I dated a girl who lived 1.5h from me and she was amazing smart, pretty great personality but she didn't drive. The problem was the distance for us to do anything I would have to add 3 hours for travel time. We met twice but I still think about her..

    It's best to let go if he fights for you go back but your better off finding someone else, before you fall head over heels, and believe me it happens.

    • This hits too close to home. He has to drive 1.5h to see me. We met once but we're supposed to meet on Saturday.. So that'll be our second time. I don't want it to end there. He asked me to move in and split rent with him this summer, hopefully we'll last until then. Meanwhile, I need to slowly stop being so into him.
      If your girl had my circumstances, then would that have been a deal breaker? What if she stared saving up for a car? Would there have been any circumstance that you would've given her a chance?

    • I liked her a lot I still like her, I have dated since, mind you this was back in February I meet her. Even if she had a car, the distance just to far sometimes you just need someone "right now!" If you can't be there they may look else where. Unless you are okay with that feeling and risk then go for it. If there fighting about that issue now how will it be in 3/4 months. It could work out but don't let yourself get hurt.

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  • More relationships than you know start out this way.
    People don't always live within walking distance of eachother.

    Usually people deal with the inconvenience because they figure their partner is beyond worth it.

    if he's not willing to deal with the inconvenience that will change some time down the road then this relationship just isn't for him.

    You have to be honest about your circumstance instead of hiding it.
    Tell him how strongly you feel and how badly you want this to work.
    He has to be willing to let it, that is the only way you both will be together.


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