Ex suddenly back in contact. WHY?

Suddenly, my ex who dumped me, has been texting me. During the week she even wanted me to go over for sex. I politely declined. After that, when I was being civil to her, she was curt with me. She is acting selfishly, and is halting me getting over her.

This is the same ex who I have not been in contact with for three months.

Why would she try to get back in contact? Why can't she leave me alone?

I secretly would like her to harbor feelings for me, but she is acting so selfish, and immature. Why does she feel the need to contact me?!


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  • She probably feels lonely or just broke up needs a rebound. Your probably the easiest to get a hold of and that's why she depends on you to make her feel better. Girls usually do this when they just broke up or feeling very lonely, if you really think about it if they have a boyfriend they could care less about you. This is just a temporary need for them until they find another bf, just move on man b4 she drives you nuts lolz good luck.


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