When to call after going on a break?

Me and my boyfriend have been dating for 3 years and this past weekend my boyfriend went to his friends birthday at a club and he danced with a girl who I don't like. He didn't think he did anything wrong because this girl is his friend but this really hurt my feelings. We ended up getting into a fight bout that and other things as well and we decided to go on a break...Its only been 4 days but I am completely restless. I can't seem to get him off my mind and all I want to do is call him to reconcile. How long are breaks supposed to last and should I wait for him to call me?


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  • Just call him and see how things are, don't play that game of who calls first because he also is waiting for you to call probably. I'm pretty sure he would be happy to hear from you if not then at least you know you tried to contact him and that's all you can do. Good luck

  • If you've been dating for 3 years, there is no reason to be mad at him for going to a club and dancing with a girl. He's clearly in love with you if it's been 3 years and I highly doubt he'd cheat on you. So give him a little more credit than that! Secondly, it kinda sounds controlling a little bit that you'd be mad about this issue. It'd be one thing if they were grinding on each other and touching, etc. It was simply club dancing at a birthday party. If you keep doing this and acting like this about simple things like this, I promise you will lose him forever. My ex and I were together almost 4 years and she never cared if I went to strip clubs or even got lap dances! I wasn't touching them and I was still going home to her...


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