Thinking of my ex when kissing the new guy?

i just started seeing a new guy a couple of months after I broke up with my ex...i thought/ think I was over him...has this ever happened to you? does it go away?


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  • Ooo, this happened like yesterday to me. you just need to let go, and move on. forget about the past and bring in the new:)

    • Easier said then done...i guess....does your ex ever text you?

    • Yes, all the time. he is right now actually, he always tells me how we need to talk and stuff, but I know that it's all bull and I don't believe any of it.

    • My ex does only when he is drunk to tell me that he misses it wrong for me to even think about missing him... when we dated he was a really nice like I said he only text me when he is drunk and you can guess what that he is kinda an ass hole now.....the new guy I am seeing is soo nice to me....why would I even think twice?

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