Is it a good idea to go return my ex-boyfriend's belongings today when he's not home?

Is it a good idea to go return my ex-boyfriend's belongings today when he's not home?

I've been with him for 3 years and we're both in our late 20's. I know this may sound really embarrassing, but I rarely wear underwear (panties) when i'm wearing work clothes. I only do this if i'm wear pretty baggy work pants I do this. I just hate wearing them and i don't wear underwear when i'm home. I've been doing this for a long time, but i guess he never noticed. So last Wednesday i was over his house and he asked me to change into his shorts instead of being in my work pants. So i did and he noticed I wasn't wearing any underwear. He got so outraged that I can't even put it in writing; he kept asking "why the hell aren't you wearing underwear?", "you've never done this before", and so on. He also said that he's going to make sure to go have sex with another girl. I reassured him that I do this often and i actually went over his house several times before after work and i didn't have underwear on. I would just change into his clothes and put his boxers as soon as I got to his house, or he just didn't notice until now. So I was and still am really hurt; i even started crying just a little, because we claim that we trust each other and i was shocked at his entire reaction. This was my first time actually crying in front of him.
He even tried to kick me out, but I stayed at this house for a couple hours after that and continued to reassure him that I always do this and i didn't do anything wrong. We haven't been in contact with each other since last Wed. Yesterday marked 1 week that we didn’t speak.
So fast forwarding to now, he's in contact with other girls via social media, so the hope i had for our relationship is now gone. I've fought for our relationship so many times in the past and it's just so easy for him to let me go now. It hurts beyond words. I have a lot of his clothes that he didn’t want to take before. I’m wondering if it’s a good idea to drop them off at his front door. He won’t be home. I just want to try to move on and looking at his stuff just hurts. thoughts?


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  • Yes , if this is really over now is a good time to release yourself of the reminders. Just put all his belonging in trash bags and leave them at his front door


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  • Hi Girl :)

    I'm so super glad that you took the initiate to help yourself. You have done nothing wrong. It is your comfort that you remain without panties at home. However, in work place or outside home you must wear an underwear.

    Since its his clothes, he must be very particular about his things. But he threatening you that he'll sleep with other girls is insane and not correct.

    If a guy cares about you he'll not threaten you to such an extent that you cry.

    He is in contact with other girls and this is making you crazy. He's doing this to make you jealous. He is thinking by doing all these things he will make you beg him to come back. Ask yourself. Do you really want a guy who makes you cry, screams at you, makes you jealous?

    You can just take his stuffs and put it in a box and drop them outside his house. It is definitely a great job if you do so. Your pain will reduce!

    A great guy is someone who will allow you to be yourself, not make you too jealous. Trust me there are great guys available. If you want to move on and have an incredible life then let me know! I will definitely help you :)


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