My EX who dumped me wants me to take her to dinner?

so a little back story... She broke up with me a month ago after a year and half told me it was distance and she wanted to be independent because she'd been in a relationship for the last 5 years of her life. But she texts and calls me randomly saying she misses, loves me, tells me I'm super cute or handsome and that she wants me to keep her warm this winter. I should add that She cheated on me during the relationship 2-3 times but didn't tel mel that until a few weeks after we broke up.

Since breaking up we went for coffee after she came over to my place says she "loves me" under her breath (me knowing damn well what she said) ask her to say that again but she says she didn't say anything and tries to play it off unsmoothly. While she was over she tried to go threw my phone it pissed me off, but the second I touched hers she grabbed it quick. We didn't have sex when she came over although she confessed she did want to before leaving.
okay so she calls a few days later saying she wants me to take her to dinner on December 7th next month where we can talk about whatever I want to and she'll spend the night (Ends the call saying "I love you" I just say peace and hang up). I know it might seem straightforward to others but Im a Capricorn and we are pretty horrible at picking up on signs (or maybe its just me aha) I'm confused as to what this all means to be honest does she want to get back together or something? Something else that bothers me is every time she calls or text she keeps it short like she's busy when I know she's not I just don't get it at all

My current feeling about this all:
Disgusted with her actions and choices, I still care about her and somewhat love her. I just feel like if I don't do this Ill regret it but at the same time Ill regret going to the dinner cause I feel if it doesn't work out my emotional rollercoaster starts all over. I guess Im just super torn wether to go or not and I initially said yes when she asked but still have time to think and cancel
Okay I just wanted to add that I cheated too once in our last month before we broke up but I instantly regretted it, I know it doesn't justify my actions or anything and makes messed up individual too. So it's part of reason I even considered this, I saw it as somewhat of clean slate on both sides


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  • Tell her to fuck off. You don't owe her anything.

    • Yeah that's what I was leaning towards especially when she told she plans to experiment with coke for her birthday coming up and i have no problem when people smoke weed but that's a deal breaker for me. Its one of those situations where I know for a fact she just following someone to be cool or some stupid shit.

    • Don't even say anything to her. Don't go on the date. Just let sleeping dogs lie. Especially since she broke up with you - if anything, she should be trying to woo you. Not the other way around.

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  • show her that you're a valuable person and never care about what she said. (cut contact and forget about her, it doesn't mean that you hate her but it means that you have self-esteem ).


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  • To be honest, I think she is just playing you for a fool. As for why I can't tell, but I would advice against going to that dinner date or any other such meet up with her. Personally I never forgive cheaters and given that her actions have been confusing and a far cry from straightforward, I feel that all she wants to do is take advantage of you. I say you'd be better off cutting her out of your life and focusing on something else entirely.

  • I stopped at the cheating part move on for the God sake and stop act too weak in front of this bitch man up move on

  • Is she paying? If so, then free food, why not?

    • no im paying lol

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    • yeah thats sort of what i was thinking

    • Didn't think of it like that you make a good point

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