Will my ex come to his senses and flipping call me already?

I was dating this guy for about a year more or less.We broke up and made up a few times a few times, but we always together with in a few days. So from about December on we have been technically broken up, calling ourselves friends with benefits. It was working great! The relationship was finally flowing proper. He even said something like, you're the one, other women I have sex with, it's just sex. Music to my ears! Then I got p*ssed cause he was "too tired" for sex and we get into this huge argument and basically never wanna see each other anymore. 2 days later he e-mails me. We sent a few messages back and forth, which ended with us joking around and him saying I have to go over to his place cause his parents bought me stuff. I refused to call or message him first, but we've never gone this long without talking. If our history has taught me anything, we will be back together. I miss him like crazy and I love him and I just wanna make everything up to him. So whens this f***er gonna call me?


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  • No, he wont.


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