Yes I just asked a question like this one lol but it's a little different! So how do I make myself start getting over this guy?

Yes I just asked a question like this one lol but it's a little different! So how do I make myself start getting over this guy?

So I've been talking to this guy for the past 4 months but lately, the connection just doesn't seem to be there anymore! He goes hours & days without texting me & he will read my message & not reply after so many text messages & he never says he misses me anymore & he doesn't seem as talkative via text anymore! He just doesn't seem as interested in ME anymore! We used to be super close & couldn't go a day without talking to eachother whether it be text, on the phone or FaceTime! Tonight we were texting & I texted him that I missed him & he just read it & never replied.. I think it may be time to let him go! Things don't feel the same between us at all! I don't wanna move on but I think I should pull away from him right now! I'm at the stage of my life where I want a meaningful relationship! I don't want to have to question where I stand with a guy anymore! I'm tired of being single & I really like this guy BUT I can tell things aren't the same & I don't want to keep being attached bc I believe that this little thing we have is basically over :/

I don't want to cut him off right now but I mean after tonight, I don't think I'm gonna text him unless he texts me. He used to tell me he misses me all the time & like the last couple times I've said I miss him, it's weird! Like I said, tonight, he just read my "I miss u" message & stopped texting me.. Which is weird! So I know I need to go ahead & start getting over him & move on I guess! I really don't want to bc he was like my Bestfriend plus we liked eachother a lot, even talked about being more than best friends! I've even talked to his family member & some of his fam members call me an in law & say that he's said that he thinks he's found the one & that he really likes me & talks about me all the time to his aunt! But lately, I can feel something isn't right & we aren't close like we used to be! His texts are kinda dry too! I'm sad bc It seems I'm loosing a Bff! So guys & girls how do I handle this? How do I get over him?


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  • I don't remember reading that you two hang out. Do you only communicate with him over the phone? If you really care you would ask him what is going on. You would voice your feelings so that he is not in the dark or guessing how you feel and ask him to do the same. That way you are both aware of how you feel towards each other and you can make an educated decision about the relationship. Because saying your not going to text him and wait for him to is childish. If it's something worth holding on to or keeping you should be willing to let him know how you feel. That way there is no regrets your not left wondering what could have been or made a mistake. If he hurts your feelings it's okay. We've all been hurt, dust yourself off and try again. He's not the only fish in the sea.

    • Yes we have met in person before! We've only hung out at his house once, because we were gonna go to the movies but something came up & then we were going to go to a fair & i ended up having to go out of town unfortunately ! Whenever I want to go see him, he doesn't reply to my text :/ & then when He asks me to come over its at a time when I can't! I HAVE voiced my opinion about how I feel to him & he got mad! & didn't text me for a day! He had no right to even get mad bc I wasn't mean about it at all! So since then, I'm scared to even say anything bc I don't want him getting mad & not talking to me! He was saying how he never signed anything that said he has to talk to me everyday! & he USED to always talk to me every single day no matter how busy he was! He would always wanna talk to me! & he would even text me again if I was napping or something & didn't reply he would text me again! Now it's like he could care less! The only reason I said I'm not gonna text him until he texts me..

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    • If you tell him your feelings and he gets mad at you, leave him. Those are your feelings you can't control them you can try to suppress them or deny them but it won't change them. He sounds like a loser. You don't need that in your life.

    • U are so right! I just don't believe those "I'm busy" excuses anymore ! Thanks for ur help!

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  • If a guy does not want to meet you in person within a few weeks of meeting online, you need to forget him and move on.

    • Lol no we've met in person before & we don't talk online... We text & video chat on our phones & talk on the phone.

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    • 1. Ancient advice: "To thine ownself be true." Translation: know what is in your heart and don't be afraid to admit it to yourself.

      2. Tell him, "I like you enough to hope that we will find more, but if you don't want the same, I am wasting my time and being an annoyance to you. If you want to be the object of my attention, please let me know; otherwise, I will be forced to assume that it is time for me to move on."

    • Wow that sounds great!!! That's really how I feel too! I just wish he would be a man & just TELL ME what's going on!! One time I said "what's going on? It seems like u don't wanna talk to me" & he was like "I'm just chilling, stop asking me" it's like when I TRY to let things be known, he gets offended & just like he could care less :/ he has REALLY changed! He used to want me to talk about my feelings!

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