Why my ex deleted me on his Facebook two months after the last contact?

I just noticed I have been unfriended from him. We broke up about 6months ago, because of our age difference. I was 8years older than him. It was un amiable break up. However, I couldn't give up my feelings for him, and he said he believed we could be friends so I continued texting him as a friend. It ended when I said I still liked him, his answer was that we couldn't be more than friends... I haven't had any contact since that. Then this afternoon, I realized I have been deleted from his Facebook. I know I can do nothing about this and he has every right to do what he wants. My guess is perhaps he's got a new girl friend. I would feel happy with that. Just being deleted like this made me feel awful and sad...


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  • Don't worry, it doesn't mean that you're bad or something else. he's just trying to move on and consider that as a push forward for you to move on too.

    Good luck...


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  • Maybe he's just uncomfortable around you even on facebook


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