Hard to let go?

I can't forget my ex. We were tgt for 11months. We broke up 3months ago, but i still can't really get over him. He's been hanging out with a lot of girls and his friends recently. Well so am i. I dont think i still love him. Its just that i missed the memories. N it seems that there is still my picture on his instagram while i already deleted everything on mine. What situation am i in rn? And what should i do?


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  • I think it's rational for you to feel that way. You have been together for 11 months and in those 11 months, you guys have created memories. I'm sure his surrounding himself with a lot of girls and friends to get over the relationship. Heal over time.. but it will happen slowly.


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  • It takes time to get over an ex especially if you were together for a long time. Wgat i could advise you is to indulge in hobbies that you enjoy they take your mind away from him and possibly bring new things that are fun than the memories you miss... If all this fails please go back to your ex and try sorting things out with him

    • I dont think he wants me back. Or i want him back coz he changed. a lot. He became heartless.

    • Trust me that heartless character of his comes out because he cannot let you go too... We guys tend to be like that.. But in real sense we still want her back... Just figured out what went wrong

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