Shattered heart again?

Dating started one at a time at 16. I'm great reafong body language and how much of the dating scene works. I value the fitness lifestyle as much as the rest in anything when dating. Take care of your body in turn helps take care of your relationship. You feel better about your body and your partner will know it.

Very first girlfriend, knew since 5th grade, cheated on me. I walked in on their act.

The next went from 17-19 and left for another guy, still hurt but not so bad. We met at a party in high school.

At 20 I met this beautiful goddess at a college study group. She went to the gym every day, as I go every day and we went on many unique dates. We had so much fun. At 23 I found out she was an addict by stepping on a diabetes needle and she doesn't have diabetes. Both of us recently wrre tested for STDs and both showed clean on everything. Then she started asking for more money for various things, and shortly before 24 I had to call it quits. Failed attempts to get her to go to rehab, and knowing I was one of tge enablers let me to one of the most devastating decisions. I walked away, it was the best for both.

A few months later I moved states and found a girl at the gym, we hit it of pretty good. Turns out she's a street racer. Ok with me as long as I'm not in the car going 130mph. Together for 8 fabulous months, this last month she was lying about almost everything. I asked if she was tight on money (my job pays very well, and already have 200k saved). Offered to help pay any bills she declined. She drinks a little, knew that. No idea she'd make a pint of fireball disappear, every night. Found out at a party drunk s***less, passed out on the couch. Her best friend ratted to me it was a frequent thing for my girlfriend.

Later that week I confronted her about maybe finding another 'hobby' and how my last was an addict.
Two days ago she came to my place and she ended the relationship because I refused to provide MORE money for alcohol.
Right now my only escape is the gym, it always has been.. My heart keeps breaking, seems like I keep drawing the short straw when dating girls.
I feel absolutely terrible, helpless, lost, a broken soul. Thought she was The One.
Last two nights were a pillow of tears.
Why are girls so mean sometimes?
What else can I do to help move past this?
Is this considered common?


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  • Dude you been in bad heart breaks and relationships. Wow


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