Ex wants to hook up, and I'm so angry?

After the pain and humiliation of being dumped and scammed out of money that this person would dare contact me again. Deep down I always knew he would maybe to apologise or explain why he did all that to me but no he just wanted sex.

he got told no and never to contact me again.

Its the barefaced cheek of it that's angered me, how dare he contact me out the blue and want anything from me even sex.

Has anyone ever had an ex do this to them? I'd type it takes serious balls to contact someone that they've mugged off in the last but these are silly little children.

Have I the right to be angry or am I blowing it all out of proportion?
So angry can't even spell correctly- grrrr

Deep down I always knew he would contact me again'

Past not last.


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  • trust one fact... whatever the nature of the current situation, which you've been through, life will go and won't stop. you have the right to be angry, but be wise and bigger and don't pay attention to what he said because in depth you know who you are. that's type of people need to be ignored, not because you're a weak or can't, but because wasting time on him won't change the fact that he's a bullshit.
    as you said Past not last."

    Good luck...


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  • This is so common. Just ignore him, he's the one who looks stupid not u

    • Shows he's desperate that he has to resort to me as well.. He's pathetic and wants to grow up and treat people better.

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  • yeah that would piss me off

    i didn't have exactly the same situation but i did have an ex who cheated on me probably about 15x's in 1 1/2 years of dating and then tried to blame her cheating on later after we broke up and still reach out to me like we are friends. it pisses me off that someone could treat someone so poorly but behave like everything is ok


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