Is he rethinking he decision or just stringing me along?

Weve been split about 11 weeks. I still see him regularly due to us having a baby. Basically weve had ups and downs since we split with a lot of mixed emotions. He had been telling me he was seeing someone few weeks back then said it was on hold then made out like he might be getting into a relationship with this girl (who im not sure exists or if she does she was a booty call because he's either at work at mine or asleep) anyway i was fine with it long as he didn't introduce our son until he knew it was 100% the same as i wouldn't if i met a guy. I went out last Sunday and he was convinced i was going out to see some guy tried to make out he wasn't bothered but then started an argument on purpose while i was out. Then this week he's been really nice we spoke for hours Tuesday night and pretty sure if id said come round he would of. But he's not tried nothing since. Im even meeting some of his family from Ireland on Monday. Why has he suddenly switched and been all flirty and back to how he was before? Is he rethinking about coming home or just stringing me along incase he needs something


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  • I think he's playing games with your feelings


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