DONT BE SHY: If there was a website that talks about ONE specific subject that would literally CHANGE your life. What would it be and why?

Yes, I undersand this is about break up and divorce, but aside from that, what would be the most beneficial subject that you would love to read about, either because there isn't much of it online or becdause it just addresses your needs. Don't be shy


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  • the 'what to do'

    • what you mean "_

    • I didn't really look at the topic this was asked in.

      This would be my topic, what to do, to find my place in this world. Do what I love, love what I do

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  • Loveshack infedility section forum. Literally has me scared shitless of marriage

  • Um,
    Soccer, Dancing, Mens Fashion.
    They probably exist.

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