Guys, HELP!!! What does it mean when a guy starts fixing your clothing for you?


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  • This is going to sound strange.
    This is going back to the primate side of us humans where lower/younger ranking members of the group will groom the old/higher ranking members as a sign of respect.

    It's like when younger siblings/ family members will play with older members of the family's hair act like picking bugs or dirt of us older ones to show respect to us as higher ranking members.

    • No this can't be it because also did this while we were dating

    • he could do without knowing

    • Huh that makes no sense because he didn't do that before, only when we were dating and last time I saw him he did it

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  • What do you mean, did he rip it off of you and start stitching it up or what? lol

    • No I mean just fixing it like when you already have it on kinda like you would fix it yourself

  • Maybe your clothes was messy and just wanted to straighten it,


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