Letting him know that I am interested?

OK so there is this guy that I really like and do to some recent events and some things that he has said to my best friend I am pretty sure that he likes me to. How do I let him know that I like him and that I want to hang out with him without being super blunt? I really want him to make the first move, how do I encourage that to happen? Help please, and Thanks!


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  • I think to some degree of men asking woman out has changed a little. He might be shy enough not to ask you. So then the question is... are you going to wait for that to happen?

    But as I've learned through reading things online, and learning from my few experiences. It's just best to be blunt, and ask him if he likes you. What's the worst that can happen? It's the same thing with guys asking girls out. Just ask them... And you don't have to be as blunt as asking them... do you like me? Ask him if he feels any connection with you.. It's the same thing, but a little less blunt...

    Hope things work out...


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