Girls, When a girl decides to leave her past behind, there may be a deep reason?

Short Info.

It was to the point where I needed to have her comfort and support from my work environment as I do work up to 7 days a week with numerous pressure and stress from lenders. She was my escape / relief from work as all my family and frends are out of Province.

I have been emotional with her most times saying What would I do without you and so forth.

She evantualy stated she wants to leave her past behind and move on and the touchy feely stuff.

I sent here a mesage on my Bday about appliying to positions close to home and she stated that is a great move on my part, and wishing me great luck and take good care.

So I believe she stilll does care. Last mesage i sent was:

Thanks for the Birthday wishes beautiful, you don't have to get me anything haha. I've been doing a lot better recently, really looking forward to a positive environment change. You have given me such a positive experience and I'm glad we are friends as well. Do remember the good times and I do always remember you in a positive way. Hugs for old times sake.

Always be open and honest with me as you helped me through so much and this will be great opportunity to stay connected in our future endeavours :)

No reponse as of yet so im patiently waiting


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  • it means she wants a new start


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